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Since 1951 Pfister Chocolatier have been productng various spcialities made from finest Chocolate. .

One of the first successful products were and still are the liquor filled cocktails or bottles without sugar crust.

In the course of time, Pfister Chocolatier also specialised in the production of whole chocolate figures, like the bunnies for Easter and the chocolate Christmas tree decoration.

Today Pfister Chocolatier are one of the biggest producers in this sector in Swiss.

Pfister chose to work with chocolate elaborated from cocoa from Ecuador, with carefully selected beans, to ensure production of quality chocolates.

These products are sold to retailers from the discounter to the specialist. Today we also offer a fine assortiment of truffes and pralinés and Cream cups.

Since the 60ies Pfister Chocolater have been exporting their exquisite Swiss chocolate products very successfully all over the world.

The Pfister story in a few dates

Kurt Pfister
Kurt Pfister
  • 1951 - Kurt Pfister is 25 yo. First confectionery in Brüttisellen, in the basement of a firefighter building.
    The first liquor filled cocktails or bottles, without sugar crust, are made by hand.
  • 1957 - Purchase of a factory in Illnau.
  • 1964 - Purchase of Hagman in Fehraltorf (production of chocolate bunnies).
  • 1978 - Pfister employs 100 people et has sales of 10 M°.
  • 1979 - Purchase of Fjord in Herzogenbuchsee.
  • 1983 - Merger of Carma and purschase of Indawisa.
  • 1987 - Construction of a new plant in Illnau.
  • 1993 - Grouped production in a unique factory.
  • 2000 - The company called CSCC Compagnie de chocolats et confiserie Ltd., is responsible for the production and brands of Pfister Chocolatier
  • Nowadays - Pfister is now a subsidiary of Omnia Holding.
    Our aim is to produce high quality products made from finest chocolate and to sell them at a fair price< and with a good service.
Kurt Pfister